STO Advisory Sdn Bhd

STO Advisory Sdn Bhd is a crowdfunding consultancy firm and leading provider of blockchain-related services based in Penang, Malaysia. We focus on providing consulting, advisory, planning, and structuring services to projects and companies that are looking for capital to execute or expand their business. Other than crowdfunding and blockchain consultancy, we also provide branding and marketing services to assist projects in setting up the foundation for their fundraising journey.

Our team is composed of industry specialists with vast knowledge in crowdfunding, STOs, traditional finance, compliance and regulation, Fintech and other related fields.

Hence, we bring depth and experience across the business advisory spectrum, with skills strategy, innovation, technology, tokenization, branding, marketing, finance, legal and business.

What makes us different?

STO Advisory’s legal consulting specializes in assisting blockchain businesses with navigating the legal and commercial landscape and globally to optimize growth in their company. The team has in-depth practical knowledge about the blockchain industry and has assisted clients with drafting and reviewing Whitepapers for Initial Coin Offerings, advising on the establishment of Digital Currency Exchanges, preparation of AML/CTF Programs and advising on Security Token Offerings.

We have deep domestic and international networks and are able to provide our clients access to the growing global exchange network and assist you to discover business opportunities within this ever-expanding marketplace.


To be a leading STO advisory firm in blockchain industry around APAC region


To help businesses of all sizes to connect with global investors directly to raise the funds they need to prosper, grow & deliver.

Our Team


ICO / STO / ECF Advisor

Lin is the Founder of STO Advisory Sdn Bhd, with significant experience in financial services, banking, sales & marketing, and blockchain technology.

He started his career in the banking industry and helped hundreds of clients secure a mortgage and commercial loans from banks.

Lin is a Certified Financial Adviser’s Representative (FAR) with Bank Negara. As a pioneer in GetCover, he had recruited 2800 insurance agents across Malaysia within 5 months.

He was appointed as CMO for Fiiipay, sold 22500 units of custom-made crypto posts across Asia. He created a 6 months marketing campaign and successfully gained 450k mobile app downloads with full KYC. Besides that, he also plans and runs ICO for Fiiicoin.

Currently, he is advising companies across South-East Asia on funding matters by ICO and STO. He is also helping companies in press releases to reach a broader target audience.

He believes that blockchain is changing APAC as it is a young and emerging region and has potential growth in the digital world. Over time, we’ve seen digital disruption and many countries are also starting to look seriously at digital money. Cryptocurrency will definitely be an alternative payment method shortly.


Legal Advisor

Kenny Lee is the Lawyer of STO Advisory’s Legal Consulting, heading the Blockchain, Commercial, Financial Services and Corporate Department of the company.

Kenny has extensive experience as a lawyer and is passionate about emerging technology and its growing impact on law. Kenny possesses in-depth knowledge in blockchain, tokenization of assets and STOs, as well as strong business acumen and excellent entrepreneurial foresight.

Acted for and advised over 30 blockchain start-ups, Initial Coin Offerings (ICO), Security Token Offerings (STO) and Blockchain projects, he has strong business acumen and his entrepreneurial foresight is key to helping numerous clients establish a solid and sustainable foundation to operate their business on.

Kenny was also nominated and named as Lawyers Weekly’s Technology Partner of the Year in 2019.


Investor Relation

Based out of Canada, Ernest is specialized in growth hacking and community management.

He is an experienced and innovative marketing manager with a strong background in ICOs. He was an angel investor in over 10 early stage projects and has worked with another 60 projects in helping them achieve their marketing and strategic goals.

Extensive connections with influencers, major press outlets, as well as top-tier exchanges. He has a demonstrated history of working in the blockchain industry. Helping projects he worked with raising an estimated total of $50M USD.

Additionally, he has worked with over 150 publicly traded companies with valuations totalling $10B, helping them build their communities by the thousands.


Marketing Assistance

Mei Ying is marketing assistance of STO advisory Sdn Bhd. She is responsible for online marketing and social media marketing of the company. She is also in charge of customer relationship management and communicating with potential clients.

With her past experience in social media management, we believe she will bring our online presence to the next high level and reach more potential clients.

Our Partners