ECF Advisory

Equity Crowdfunding
(ECF) Advisory

Why Equity Crowdfunding?

Equity crowdfunding gives startups or SME an opportunity to raise more funds, and it gives the general public an opportunity to invest in a startup’s passion project or area of interest with little to no hassle. Investors can simply source companies online; it’s that easy.

Malaysia is the FIRST ASEAN Country with Crowdfunding Laws

Why Choose Us?

Professional and Experience team

Provide Comprehensive Solution

Innovative and Strategy-Inspired Marketer

Effective Community Management

Extensive Investor Networks

Market Cap

Total ECF amount raised: RM243.67 million (as at March 2021)

Our Services

Provide ECF Advisory Service

Facilitate & advise Issuer in respect of the fundraising and closing process of the ECF campaign

Prepare & Drafting of business plan

Advise on the viability of your project, action plan & relevant steps forward

Prepare & Drafting of pitching deck

Prepare a pitching deck by drafting captivating content to tell your story with eye-catching visual content.

Marketing Advisory

We are specialized in branding, marketing, press release and growth hacking to help you spread the word to targeted audiences.

Community Management

Manage, Follow up & Engaging with your community in a timely manner by responding to comments and questions, sharing valuable content and overall fulfilling the needs of your audience.

Benefits of ECF

An Alternative to Traditional Models

Raising capital to launch new products or increase business growth can be challenging. Banks often need to see an established cashflow or require significant collateral to borrow against. Angel investment and venture capital are alternatives, but they generally come with strings attached. ECF becomes the good option for a startup or small and medium enterprise (SME) to raise funds.

A Strong Reach to Retail Investors

With equity crowdfunding, you can raise money from a wide range of people including smaller investors. There are hundreds of ready investors on ECF platforms. Moreover, those who do invest in your business will want you to succeed. As a result, they will often help get the word out about your business.

Acts as a Marketing Tool

Crowdfunding introduces a venture to the market. By incorporating social media and digital marketing, crowdfunding provides an easy way to direct traffic to your site. Crowdfunding campaigns are easy to share, which makes it easier for your investors to spread the word to their connections.

Gains Credibility with Proof of Concept

A successful equity crowdfunding campaign can give your venture credibility when approaching angel investors. A crowdfunding campaign’s success shows other investors that your venture has sufficient market validation.

Provide Access with Low Cost

Crowdfunding is relatively affordable, making it accessible for most startups and entrepreneurs. Many crowdfunding platforms only charge a small amount to start your campaign at their platform and take a small percentage of your funds when the campaign is successful.

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